McCready Wedding

A very casual, sweet wedding out in Wimberley at Kevin Fowler's Rustic Ranch. A very quaint venue. We had a good time, and I've never seen a happier couple. Thanks for recommending me Stephanie! 

Shooting Alejandra Almuelle's work

Working with flashes, we set up a backdrop and shot all of the work currently up at the Dimension Gallery. Some pieces were being sold, so it was important that we documented them for the website before they were picked up. Her work looks great in any light, but it was fun experimenting to find just the right kind. 

Self-portraits are a thing with artists.

While I'm not against employing a dear friend or adored photographer to shoot a quick portrait in time of need, I also can't turn down the opportunity for a bit of lighting practice. We are, after all, our own best model. Definitely the most patient, but then again probably the most critical. I wanted something clear cut, casual, with a lot of light, without being too dramatic or cliché.

Architecture Projects

Finally got some of the architecture projects photographed for the portfolio. Professor wanted to keep a few of them, which I'll take as a compliment. The class used SketchUp, 123DMake, AutoCAD, and a laser cutter to produce models demonstrating negative and positive spaces. The final project was a conceptual design for a dwelling that would fit under a raised highway. I love this stuff, I would totally take the class again.

Reimherr Reunion Reenactment

The Reimherr's are a creative bunch. Mark designed special t-shirts for their thanksgiving reunion, and we reenacted some old cousin photos from the past.

Thanksgiving with a Sweet Wedding

This small intimate wedding close to Denton was just Sarah and Clay's style. Fall leaves, a cozy campfire, good food, and close family. Loved visiting with my old buddies.

Hendricks and Griffin Unite!

One of my best buds got married, and chose me to be her photographer! Thanks Lacy, that was a really great party. I love your new family.

Davis Gallery Artists

I sure miss these folks, and had a lot of fun doing these studio visits for the artists represented at the Davis Gallery. Hope to do more in the future.

McLane Wedding

I had a great time this weekend shooting this wedding. Beautiful church, beautiful reception, beautiful couple. Thanks Travis and Emily!

Quick Portrait

Light is a fickle creature. You try to control it, outsmart it. But sometimes nature does it best for you, if you know where to look. I love this natural light that bounces off of the brick outside, floats around and drapes softly around Mark's face. I put just a bit of light coming from behind and it helped him pop out from the background. I also love the amount of light in his eyes. I hope it looks awesome on your newsletter!

Classic Beauty

Sonja is very photogenic. Her cat Abby, maybe not so much. I think she was plotting a runaway plan the whole time, you can see it in her eyes. We still managed to catch a pleasant and thoughtful look for a couple of these highway median bluebonnet shots. Man, the bluebonnets were beautiful this year. Happy Spring!

Get Riv or Die Trying

It has been decided between these two that when you get to be a certain age, you are allowed to have bigger and better toys. For Mark, this is the best present he has ever given himself for Christmas to date. A slick smackin, mint condition 1967 Buick Riviera. I asked him why he chose this classic, over all of the others, and he said that everything about it fits his personal style. You can tell how right he is by how good he looks with it. I'm sure it also has something to do with all the looks he gets around town. A nice photo shoot with some vintage textures and some moody shadows. It was a fun afternoon.